Anna Farrera, Senior Partner

An interview with My Food Bag co-founder Cecilia Robinson

In the first of an ongoing entrepreneur series on our blog, Anna Farrera speaks to Pead client Cecilia Robinson, Co-founder of Au Pair Link, Co-founder of My Food Bag and Co-founder and Co-CEO of Tend

What is your secret to success?

Working alongside amazing people. One of the greatest privileges that I’ve had, has been working with some of New Zealand’s most talented people across a range of industries. Finding your ‘tribe’ and ensuring you have a joint vision and purpose is critical.


What is the best career advice you've received?

Do what you LOVE. You only have one life to live, make it matter! Getting stuck on someone else’s grand plan or agenda won’t make you happy. Make sure you make happy choices.  


What advice do you give to those wanting to make an impact in the world of business?

Actions speak louder than words! Getting out there and starting is really the only way to make an impact in business. Once you’ve done that, make sure that you live what you preach. Leading from the front and being true to your word is critical for long-term success.

How do you balance work, family and a social life?

Ensuring that I’m transparent about how I want to live my life. There is no such thing as work/life “balance”. Since having children I’ve always advocated for “integration” meaning that my life comes to work just as much as my work comes into my life. That means dropping kids at school/kindy, attending assembly but also at times working well into the night to ensure that I can live the type of life that my family and I value. I’m not a 8am-5pm kind of boss and I never will be.


Is there anything you'd change in your work life if you could go back in time?

I always say that there’s nothing I’d change if I went back in time. But if I had to, I think I’d tell myself to make sure I took a bit more time out for ‘me’ (oh and sleep more before I had kids) but at the end of the day the journey we’re on has been amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing.  


What opportunities do you see emerging for business and entrepreneurs as the country moves towards recovery?

Disruption provides opportunity. As a country, our economy will turn inwards while the rest of the world grapples with managing COVID-19 and this means we will need to do more things for ourselves. It provides the opportunity to breathe new life into our manufacturing sector, while international supply chains are disrupted, and factories are shut. This will be supported by an increasing desire by New Zealanders to buy local to support the economy and keep New Zealanders employed.


What role do investors and entrepreneurs have post lockdown in helping New Zealand more towards recovery?

Entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors will play a critical role in helping New Zealand towards recovery, because it is the entrepreneurs that will find the opportunities and grow the opportunities. By doing this, they’ll create new businesses and provide new jobs. Government needs to support this by making sure the country has the right infrastructure and regulations in place to allow business to thrive.

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