Devin Monajem, Head of Digital

Social Media Trends in a Post-Quarantine World

We can all agree that 2020 is off to a smashing start.

This far into the year, I never imagined an apocalypse could be so civilized. All those old, end-of-year 2020 social media trends are out the window. So, on the eve of Alert Level Two, and as social media continues to be an essential communication tool for brands - what are some trends we see moving forward? 

First, let’s set the scene. 

As countries moved to respond to Covid-19, ad costs on social platforms dropped precipitously. In New Zealand, by as much as 30%. As you might expect, social media also experienced a meteoric rise in dwell times. People spent more time on social media during quarantine than ever before. Again, somewhat self-explanatorily, ROI didn't follow suit - you can't spend what you don't have (at least that's what they tell me).

All is not lost, though, and social media remains the perfect way for brands to connect with their audience. Messaging and creativity is the foundation of the trade. It's a moment for empathy, personability, and humanity. Brands can be all of that and more in their social presence. On that note, here are three ways we see brands engaging on social for the rest of 2020.

Three Social Trends

  • Cheaper CPM = more ads = more noise. At the end of the day, brands want to be seen by their audience. Expect cheaper CPM to last for a while, which means brands will take advantage of those bargain basement prices. You don't have to be just like everyone else though. Share content that creates value for your audience to get your message across.
  • Influencer rising. Brands want to save on content, but still want to be relevant to their audience. They are going to have to outsource that need. An essential way to do this is through influencer or key opinion leaders. Look forward to seeing influencers starting to build back up in your feed regularly.
  • Leaner, meaner, but more creative. Necessity if the mother of all invention and watch as brands get scrappier with their content. Expect quick, easy, and accessible ways for brand's to churn out more social posts. This means creative that’s turnkey, fast and replicable. We predict the big campaign dollars will be reserved for purpose-driven, social good creativity. Those campaigns not only provide a halo effect for brands, but it also gives people feel-good stories to hold onto in a dark time.

At the end of the day, as communications experts, we need to be respectful of the moment. You can put a foot wrong. You can also blend into the background. Or you can make the choice to take an idea and make it shine

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