‘A Taste of Home’

The brief

Anchor was launching its new Masterbrand, ‘A Taste of Home’ to help make the brand more relevant in the mind of Kiwis.

Pead was briefed to work alongside Anchor’s agency partners to bring the Masterbrand to life in a through the line campaign – and to ensure it was relevant for the new, New Zealand.

Our solution

We started by supporting the above-the-line activity through hard-working media relations telling the story of Anchor’s history in New Zealand and its place in the home – solidifying the Taste of Home messaging to Kiwi consumers.

As Anchor’s new television advert, the story of Dev preparing Kalakand (a traditional Indian dish for a shared lunch at school) demonstrated that Anchor is for every Kiwi, we leaned into this and curated a Kalakand recipe kit which was distributed to 50 media outlets and influencers across New Zealand.  

In addition to always-on PR, our work involved media partnerships with Stuff.co.nz, Sunday Magazine, and The AM Show. 


Our recipe send-out achieved a reach of 4.2 million and the PR value of the campaign topped $725,295.

The combined reach of the Masterbrand launch from the through-the-line campaign reached 3.6 million New Zealanders in just four months.

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