Southern Cross Partners

Business problem:

Southern Cross Partners is a 100% NZ owned and operated specialist investment and lending company, with more than 20 years helping Kiwis achieve financial freedom. They tasked us with handling their always on comms and digital activity, with the goal of growing their number of lending and investor clients while responding to the frequent ups and downs of the financial sector.

increase in Click Through Rate
increase in Conversion Rate
increase in Customer Reply Rate

Our solution:

The digital and corporate teams work together to create a digital marketing strategy centred on regular client communications, consisting of blogs, eDMs , webinars and videos. The corporate team would create regular blog and email content focused on driving reinvestment and retention. At the same time, the digital team would host regular webinars featuring client Q&As, editing and distributing the videos as always on content across a range of channels. Then both teams would use digital advertising to distribute content with the goal of generating leads. Campaigns would be regularly optimised to ensure leads were being nurtured to conversion as cost efficiently as possible. 


Our consistent content creation combined with our tried and true digital marketing distribution strategies had strong positive impacts on the lead growth, customer growth and customer engagement. Between the start of FY22 and FY23, our advertising click through rate increased by 28%, our conversion rate from leads increased by almost 10% and our customer email reply rate increased by almost 50%.

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