Off&On Laser Hair Removal

Business problem:

Communicate OFF&ON's laser promotion – heroing the results, medical expertise, and competitive price, without showcasing people, laser machines, or infringing TAPS guidelines. 

Our solution:

#BODYHAIRBREAKUP invited our audience to say goodbye to bodyhair for good. 

Cheeky furry, fuzzy, fuzzy, spiky, and prickly headlines were rendered in 3D, 

We created a simple, effective creative concept - as well as managed creative execution - we recommended and managed placement across nationwide OOH billboard and street poster channels, print advertising channels, and delivered a robust supporting PR strategy for each campaign's focus areas. 

This creative campaign was planned and executed in short timeframes – with just nine working days from concept to final product. 


This creative was such a success it was rolled out in a nationwide campaign on bus backs, magazine, billboards and instore. 

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